KeySmart Gift Guide- Great Products for Everyday Living

by Philippa Lane

Choosing the right messenger bag, backpack, and briefcase is extremely important, because not only should they be large enough to store all of your essentials, but they should be comfortable, lightweight, and allow free use of your hands to do certain tasks, such as taking pictures or holding a cup of coffee- which is exactly what KeySmart Products do.

These stylish KeySmart Products do not only protect your laptop and phone, but they also keep your personal possessions organized and much safer than a lot of other bags and briefcases do, offering adequate room to store a variety of things that do not fit easily inside of a suitcase.

I am excited to share with you some essential items that have helped me to be more organized and have made it much easier to manage my time and work space.

KeySmart sells over fifty products, but I want to share with you three of my favorites that are lightweight, versatile, are visually appealing, and have state of the art features that are uniquely designed and unlike any other.

Urban Hybrid Messenger Bag: This is my favorite messenger bag, because it can be carried a variety of ways. It has a removable shoulder strap, backpack straps, and has four different carrying styles- messenger, briefcase, shoulder, and backpack. Each strap is labeled with a number, so you can match and attach them with ease. The Urban Hybrid Messenger Bag is a beautiful gray color, is water resistant, and has 20 Pockets that are strategically placed for easy organization and access, including pockets for business cards, Micro SD, and Sim Cards. There are also umbrella loops, a portable charger pocket, and a water bottle pocket. The red bumper foam padded laptop compartment protects laptops up to 15 inches and there is a secondary padded compartment that holds smaller electronic devices, files, and folders. I like that this messenger bag’s zippers have grab loops, so opening and closing compartments is quick and easy. I do not like carrying bags that are heavy and uncomfortable, but this messenger bag feels great on my shoulders due to the anti-sweat Hexbreathe Back Pad that is made with foam and porous mesh, which ventilates sweat and heat, keeping the back area dry and cool. There is also a discreetly hidden pocket that stores the backpack straps when the bag is being carried in a messenger or briefcase style. The Urban Hybrid Messenger Bag is classy, neat, has a professional look to it, and is perfect for everyday use. It is a messenger, shoulder backpack, and briefcase all in one! The versatility of the Urban Hybrid messenger bag, high quality materials, and impeccable design make it a great choice, because it can be used in so many different ways and looks good for both day and evening settings. Price: $239.99

Urban21 Commuter Backpack: If you have to commute by train, bike, car, plane, walking, scooter, or bus, the Urban 21 Commuter Backpack is what you need. It is not your ordinary backpack, but it is a backpack with a purpose. Designed for both men and women, the Urban21 Commuter Backpack has a black exterior and a lovely red interior lining that makes this backpack look so beautiful and intriguing. The backpack comes with a black water bottle with the red KeySmart logo and an extra large carry bag to protect the backpack when it is not in use. Unlike the majority of backpacks on the market today, the Urban21 Commuter Backpack is water resistant, very lightweight, and is easy to carry for long periods of time. Price: $299.98

Urban Portfolio Briefcase Ultimate Bundle: I like the classy look and organizational compartments of the Urban Portfolio Briefcase. The reason why it is an “Ultimate Bundle” is because of the special accessories that come with the briefcase. The briefcase has a gray exterior and is made with water resistant nylon. It has a modern look and includes more than 12 internal pockets that a variety of items can be put into, such as sim cards, keys, business cards, waterproof zippers, documents, and tech items. The Urban Portfolio Briefcase has a protective hardshell for extra durability, protection, and includes a protective 15” laptop pocket. It is water resistant, has a detachable shoulder strap, internal divider, magnetic pockets on the exterior, magnetic handles, two quick-access external pockets with magnetic closures, and protected pockets for SD, micro SD, and sim cards. The exquisite foam red bumper padding provides excellent protection of laptop computers up to 15 inches. The waterproof zippers are easy to use, access, and the briefcase can be carried two ways- over the shoulder with a very comfortable foam shoulder strap or by the magnetic handles. The Urban Portfolio Briefcase Ultimate Bundle also comes with a sleek battery usb charger and a TileSlim to help find your phone, wallet, and other small items. Whether it is for business meetings or commuting purposes, the Urban Portfolio Briefcase Ultimate Bundle is the perfect choice. I think that when carrying this briefcase, I look more professional and in some cases, people appear to take me more seriously. Price: $289.99

I have really enjoyed sharing with you three of my favorite products from KeySmart. If you would like to know more about these products or get information about other KeySmart Products, please visit-




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