Cierra Candles Fragrance Oils Review

by Philippa Lane

It is essential to use the best oils when making candles or soaps and I recently discovered some high quality fragrance oils by Cierra Candles that are very strong, affordable, and long lasting. These special oils can be used to make a variety of scented candles, soaps, potpourri, or added to a warmer.

Cierra Candles specializes in providing a wide assortment of candle and soap making supplies as well as “do-it-yourself” candle kits, air fresheners, and bath salts.

Today, I would like to share with you a few of my favorite Cierra Candles fragrances for the fall and winter seasons.

Harvest Pumpkin Fragrance Oil: During the fall season this is one of my favorites. This oil is very strong and smells like fresh pumpkins with strong spice notes. It cannot be used to make soaps, but is perfect for making candles and potpourri. I also like to put some drops of the oil in warmers, so that my entire home smells like fresh pumpkin spice. Harvest Pumpkin comes in various sizes, such as 1 oz., 4 oz., 8 oz., or a bulk 16 oz. size. I have the 1 oz. size and it is $2.50.

Autumn Lodge Fragrance Oil:  To me this oil smells like cigars. I know that may sound funny, but it does. It also smells like wood with sweet smelling musk. The oil is a special blend that is a delightful combination of spices, a warm fireplace, country woods, and a grandfather’s pipe. The scent is rich, rustic, and reminds me of a cozy lodge in the mountains with a fireplace burning on a cold winter evening. Whenever I smell this oil, I feel so cuddly and snuggly. It is a wonderful fragrance that can be used throughout the fall and winter seasons.  The oil is great when used to make candles, soaps, potpourri, and in warmers.

Christmas Tree Fragrance Oil: I love the scent of pine and during the Christmas season, I usually have an artificial tree, so I prefer using strong pine scents for my home to smell like I have a real Christmas Tree.  This oil has a special aroma that goes beyond your typical pine scent and has some additional fragrance notes that add a unique beauty and elegance to it.  The oil is not soap safe, but it perfect for candles and potpourri.

Frankincense and Myrrh Fragrance Oil: This is absolutely my favorite fragrance oil, because it reminds me of the birth of Jesus and when kings came and brought him Frankincense and Myrrh as gifts. The oil has a rich, spicy scent to it and is great in candles, potpourri, as well as in a warmer. I love the beautiful scent of this oil and think it is one of the best spicy/warm scents by Cierra Candles. 

Mistletoe and Ivy Fragrance Oil: Have you ever stood under mistletoe at Christmas time? I have, but I did not remember how the fragrance smelled. To me, this fragrance smells like evergreen, freshly cut winter grass, and ivy. This fragrance has a sweet, clean, and fresh smelling aroma to it. It is the perfect fragrance oil for the holiday/winter season and can be used to make soap, candles, and potpourri.

All of the aforementioned fragrance oils come in a variety of sizes and are priced from $2.50-$12.95. I have been very pleased with the oils from Cierra Candles. They are strong, long lasting, and fragrant.   

You can find these great fragrance oils by going to-


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