Indigo Fragrance Oils 2015 spring and summer Gift Guide

by Philippa Lane  


The winter season is almost over and the spring and summer is quickly approaching along with the beautiful scents of the warmer season. I have always loved fragrances that make my home smell wonderful for each season and special holiday of the year. The fragrance oils that I use the most are made by the company Indigo Fragrances. The oils are of high quality, concentrated, are perfectly blended, and can be used by people that design arts and crafts, to make candles, for bath and body products, added to oil warmers, potpourri, reed diffusers, freshen linens, and many of the oils can even be put in bath water.

The oils do not contain nitro musk, phthalate, are not tested on animals, and are very affordable.
Some of the fragrance oils are not soap and skin safe, but many are. 

I would like to share with you some of my spring and summer favorites.

Fresh Cut Roses: I have always loved the fragrance of roses, whether they are red, yellow, or white in color, all of them smell so sweet and lovely.  Fresh Cut Roses has such a sweet scent with a hint of greenery.  This is one of my favorites, because the scent reminds me of walking through a rose garden on a warm summer day.

Lilac: One of my favorite spring and summer scents is Lilac.  The Lilac is a fragrant and beautiful flower with a violet color. I really like the fluffy look of the flower petals of the lilac flower. The Indigo Lilac Oil smells just like the flower, is long lasting, and has a strong fragrance throw. I usually like to put a few drops of the oil in electric warmers to release and disperse the fragrance throughout my home. Even though I have done this yet, I would like to make potpourri sachets using the oil and hang them in my closet or place them in drawers to freshen and keep clothes smelling fresh.

County Fair: Okay, this is not a flowery scent, but it definitely is a fragrance for the spring and summer seasons. I love the scent of this oil because it smells like I am at a county fair, smelling salted caramel, cotton candy, and funnel cake. I usually put this oil in an electric warmer in my kitchen, because it is a food scent and the fragrance is perfect for when I am preparing meals or just walking into the kitchen. Whenever I use the Indigo County Fair Fragrance Oil, I feel like I am walking through a real theme park or carnival with fun and delicious scents filling the air.

Gardenia:  Gardenia is a beautiful white flower with an elegant and inviting scent that evokes memories of the past, such as in the 1800’s. I do not know why, but the scent reminds me of the Victorian period when women wore long dresses and big, bold hats, and attended tea parties. Many scents trigger a memory of a special time or place and the Gardenia Fragrance Oil has a nostalgic scent that has that ability with a long lasting and permeating fragrance that is like no other.

Jasmine: This is a very strong, feminine, and floral that is a true Jasmine scent.  I like to take my favorite unscented lotion and mix a few drops of the Jasmine oil with it or add drops of both the Jasmine and Gardenia Fragrance Oils to a lotion or in an electric warmer, because a beautiful scent is created when both fragrances are blended together.

Honeysuckle: I do not know if you have ever walked outside and walked by a Honeysuckle bush, but I have and because the flowers are so small on the bush, sometimes I do not even know that it is a Honeysuckle bush, until I smell that beautiful, fresh, and distinctive scent. This fragrance oil smells just like the Honeysuckle flower and makes my home smell like I have a fresh Honeysuckle bush in every room.

French Market Flowers:  This fragrance is another one of my favorites because it smells like a flower shop or a bouquet with Gardenias, Roses, Magnolias, Tuberose, and Irises. The blending of all of these flowers is what makes this fragrance oil so special to me.  It has a strong throw that lasts for hours.

Recently, someone came to my home and I had added some drops of the Jasmine, Fresh Cut Roses, and French Market Flowers in electric warmers and my guest asked, “It smells good in here”. “What is the wonderful scent that I smell?” I told her that it was Indigo Fragrance Oils. I could tell that she really liked the way my home smelled, which was a great compliment.

Most of the Indigo Fragrance Oils come in a 1, 2, 4, and 8 oz. size bottles as well as larger 1 lb. containers.

Some other nice fragrance oils for the spring and summer seasons that are worth mentioning Tulips, Wisteria, and Lily of the Valley. These fragrances can be combined or blended with other floral oils to create unique and customized scents.   

I have mentioned some of my favorite fragrance oils for the spring and summer season that I really love, but Indigo has many others that I want to try, because the oils are strong, inexpensive, have a long lasting aroma, and can be used in a variety of ways.

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