Gold Canyon Candles spring/summer Gift Guide

by Philippa Lane


I love the scents of spring and summer like roses, lilac blossoms, hibiscus, poppies, grapes, and a variety of floral and fruit essences. I am so excited to share with you some of the best home fragrances from Gold Canyon Candles for the spring and summer season.

Gold Canyon Candles is a unique party-plan candle company with more than 27,000 independent consultants around the country. They offer a wonderful line of candles, fragrant oils, bath/body, and home products with sale representatives that are eager to let people sample and try before they buy right in the comfort of their own homes.

Candles and lovely fragrances create an atmosphere and ambiance that is wonderful to enjoy any time of year.

I would like to share with you some of my favorites for spring and summer, many of which can be enjoyed all year long.

Graple-Berry Home Fragrance Oil: I love the smell of a vineyard filled with ripe, fresh grapes that are just waiting to be picked. I also like to eat dark Concord Grapes, because they are high in antioxidants and have a rich flavor. Graple-Berry is a beautiful fragrance that is strong, long lasting, with a great throw that fills a room within minutes. I never thought that I would enjoy this type of fragrance so much permeating through every room in my home, but I do. It has sweet notes of Plum, Vanilla, and Grape. This “deliciously” fragrant oil comes in a 0.3 oz. bottle with a built-in dropper that makes for easy dispensing. I like to place a few drops in my warmer with a Gold Canyon Oil Adapter and enjoy the wonderful aroma. Price $5.58

Sandalwood Jasmine Home Fragrance Oil: Flowers are so beautiful and are a delight to the senses. The Jasmine Flower is one of the most fragrant flowers in the world and when it is blended with the warm scent of Sandalwood as well as Ylang Ylang, a beautiful scent emerges. I like to use this fragrance in the spring and summer months, but it is the type of fragrance that can be enjoyed all throughout the year and is perfect for any occasion. Price: $6.98

Mimosa Rose Home Fragrance Oil: The Rose is absolutely my favorite flower and Mimosa Rose Fragrance Oil is made with essential oils of Rose, Mimosa, and Jasmine. This fragrance oil is very strong and fragrant and smells like fresh cut Roses with a delicate note of Jasmine. When I place this oil in a warmer, my entire house smells like a rose garden. Even if you do not have a rose garden, you can feel like you do with just a few drops of this beautifully scented oil put in a warmer in your home. Price: $6.98

Sweet Pea Home Fragrance Oil: This fragrance is so lovely. It is a fruity floral with strong notes of Lillies, Sweet Pea, and Raspberry. It is a very sweet fragrance, yet not overpowering. Sweet Pea is one of my favorites during the warmer months, because it embodies the aromas that the spring and summer months are known for. I really cannot compare Sweet Pea with any other Gold Canyon Fragrance, because it truly is like no other. Price: $6.98

Hibiscus & Dragonfruit Home Fragrance Oil: In my opinion, this fragrance is the strongest of all the Gold Canyon fragrances I have used. It is an exotic floral with tropical notes of Hibiscus, Dragonfruit, Teakwood, and Papaya. The scent of Hibiscus & Dragonfruit can bring the beauty of the tropics into your home anytime of the year. The fragrance oil comes in a 0.3 oz bottle with a built-in dropper and is only $5.58

Poppy Home Fragrance Oil: Happy and uplifting is the best way I can describe this fragrance. It is made with notes of Wild Poppies, Amber, and Jasmine. Like Hibiscus & Dragonfruit, Poppy is a strong fragrance that lasts for many hours. Price: $5.58

Other Gold Canyon Fragrances that I like are Sunflower, Orange Blossoms, and Pomegranate, which are great additions to the spring and summer months.

Mix Brix: Another way that you can enjoy the same fragrances that I just mentioned is in a meltable tart-like wax by Gold Canyon called Mix Brix. The scent is encapsulated in wax cubes and there are six scented cubes in a package. They are designed to be placed in a scent pod or they can be put into a warmer. While the wax is melting, the fragrance is released into the atmosphere. The smell is fantastic, however, the wax is not that firm, even after being in the refrigerator for many hours and I found that they are a tad bit gooey for my preference. When melted, the scent from the Mix Brix is very strong and lasts up to 20 hours. Price $5.08

All of these lovely fragrance oils and Mix Brix can be put in a warmer and Gold Canyon has some of the best electric warmers available today.

Chic Pod Oil Warmer: The Chic Electric Pod Oil Warmer is off white in color and is made of ceramic. It measures 4 ½” D X 3 ½” H and looks great in my bedroom on my dresser. It has a classy look to it and can be a beautiful addition to any room. The warmer plugs into a standard wall outlet and has a timer switch so that you can decide when you want the warmer to shut off. Price: $29.98

White Oil Warmer Adapter: The oil adapter is what I place inside the Chic Pod Warmer to have the ability to put fragrance oils and Mix Brix in the warmer. It is made of ceramic, measures 3 ¼” D x ½” H, and fits perfectly inside my Chic Warmer. The adapter is also available in the color black. Price $5.98

Gold Canyon has wonderful scents for the spring, summer and all throughout the year. I am looking forward seeing what the upcoming fall and winter fragrances are like, but since it is still summer, the aforementioned products are my favorites from Gold Canyon for the spring/summer season.

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