Swanwick Aromatherapy Diffuser (Review)

by Philippa Lane

Recently, I received a Swanwick Aromatherapy Diffuser as a gift and have been enjoying using it so much that I want to share my experience with others.  It is specially designed to be used as a sleep aid and while sleeping, but I use the diffuser throughout the day and in the evening.

Prior to receiving the Swanwick Aromatherapy Diffuser, I never had used a diffuser before.  I do have a few oil/wax warmers in my home and I usually need to put all of them on in order to cause the fragrance to be evenly distributed, but with this diffuser I only need to add some water, a few drops of essential oil, and push the timing button and immediately a steady stream of highly fragrant cool mist/vapor fills an entire room. Within 10-15 minutes, the fragrance of the essential oils fills my entire home and I also receive the added benefits of breathing in the molecules of the essential oils, which are good for me and a regular an oil/wax warmer does not provide.

I love the way the diffuser looks. It comes in a solid white color and looks wonderful in any room it is placed in.  It also has a beautiful light that can be activated with a push of a button and comes in two brightness settings- high and low.  The Swanwick Diffuser can be plugged into any standard outlet and can be set to run for 30min, 60min, 120min, or 180min. When the water level is low, the diffuser will automatically shut off and the cord plugs into the bottom of the device.  The lid can be removed easily by twisting and lifting it off and I usually fill up the inner tank with water to the maximum line/level , then add  3 to 5 drops of essential oil, put the lid back on, plug it in, select a time setting, and in an instant it begins to diffuse the wonderful, fragrant aroma. The diffuser is very quiet, easy to use, and lightweight.

I know that the diffuser is supposed to be used with essential oils, because they are the most beneficial, but I have also added some other types of high quality oils to the diffuser, and have experienced great results. I would like to mention, if you need help to fall asleep quickly, then I highly recommend the Swanwick Essential Lavender Oil.  It is one of the best lavender oils I have ever used, smells great, it lasts a long time, and is effective.

I have added a few drops of lavender with eucalyptus, which smells amazing and I have also added a few drops of ylang ylang, patchouli, frankincense, sage, sweet orange, and thyme, which is a synergistic and therapeutic blend.  All of these oils work great in the Swanwick Diffuser.

In my opinion, the Swanwick Diffuser is better and more effective than all of my oil/wax warmers and is extremely beneficial, because it efficiently diffuses pure essential oils into the air for many hours.  A regular warmer or burner cannot do what this diffuser can. I previously never owned a diffuser and I am so pleased to have one now.   It is wonderful!

To find out more information about the Swanwick Aromatherapy Diffuser, please visit- www.swanwicksleep.com

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