Scentsy Built with Love Warmer and Wax Bars (Review)

by Philippa Lane

I love scents that are rich, strong, and make fill my home with a wonderful fragrance.
The Scentsy Company was founded by Heidi and Orville Thompson in 2004 and consists of independent consultants who host get-togethers in homes, coffee and tea shops, and on online Facebook events, offering a large variety of fragrances and warmers to choose from.

Recently, I was given a Scentsy Built with Love Warmer along with two Scentsy Wax Bars- Eskimo Kiss and Christmas Cottage.

The Scentsy Built with Love Warmer looks like a warm and inviting white house/cabin. It comes with a low watt light bulb that is located inside of the warmer and when turned on, it heats up the paraffin wax fragrance bars above it along with lighting up the interior of the house.  The light that shines through the cute heart and square shaped windows which are located on the sides, roof, and door of the warmer are so beautiful. The roof of the house is removable to easily put the glass dish that holds the fragrance bar into the warmer.

I really like how the color of the roof appears to have a warm amber color when the Christmas Cottage Fragrance Bar is in the warmer, however it does not look that way with the Eskimo Kiss Bar and I believe it is because the Christmas Cottage Bar is red and the Eskimo Kiss Bar is a pale blue color. In my opinion, the Christmas Cottage fragrance is much stronger than Eskimo Kiss, has a wonderful scent that lasts for several hours, and smells like raspberries, spices, cloves, and Valencia oranges- perfect for the fall and winter months.

The Scentsy Wax Bars are 2.6 oz., safe to use, do not emit any smoke, and are highly fragrant. The bars consist of eight cubes that can be broken apart or the entire bar can be placed in the warmer, because the bar fits perfectly inside of the warmer.  When the scent is almost gone, I place the glass tray in the freezer and when it hardens, the wax pops right out. Sometimes when the wax is still warm, I empty it into a plastic bag, if I can’t wait for the freezer process, or simply save the wax to re-use later on.

During the holiday season, I put the Scentsy Built with Love Warmer on top of my fireplace and created a little Christmas Village surrounding the warmer.  It looks like there is a cabin in the snow with little miniature ornaments surrounding it.  Maybe in future months, I will make a scenic scene for more seasons and occasions.

One of the best things about the warmer is that $9.00 of the proceeds from every sale goes to Habitat for Humanity, which is an organization that helps people have a house of their own and they build homes with love for those who do not have one.

I have never had a warmer that is so beautiful and distributes such a lovely inviting fragrance throughout my home.

The Scentsy Built with Love Warmer is $45.00 and the Scentsy Bars are 1 for $6.00, 2 for $11.00, and the long lasting low watt bulb is very inexpensive to replace after months of use.

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