Novogratz Vintage Tufted Sofa Sleeper II in Blue Velour (Review)

by Philippa Lane

Usually when people are seeking a quick sleep solution for overnight guests, many choose futons; however, I recently found a wonderful alternative to purchasing a futon. After doing some research, I found a convertible sleeper sofa with a unique vintage design that is like no other.

Unlike a regular futon sofa, which consists of two main elements- a mattress and metal frame, a convertible sleeper sofa is a single unit which has the appearance of a couch. The sleeper sofa has a special mechanism that lets you convert the sofa to a sleeper bed in just seconds for you or your guests.

I was in need of a new sofa, because prior to receiving the Novogratz Vintage Tufted Sofa Sleeper, I had a metal futon that looked great and functioned well, but I did not like how heavy it was to lift for transport and how difficult it was to put down for sleeping. My futon also looked like a traditional futon with metal arms and not like a real sofa. So, I was thrilled to get this Novogratz Sofa Sleeper, because it easily converts into a sleeper and looks like a vintage sofa.

The Novogratz Vintage Tufted Sofa Sleeper has an elegant design and can sleep up to two people comfortably. The sofa bed requires just a simple lift, make small clicking sounds, and then folds down to become a bed. Because the cushioning is built into the upholstered sofa, there is no need to purchase a separate mattress. I like how easy it is to convert the sofa to a sleeper bed and think it is much better than a traditional metal futon.

The Novogratz Vintage Tufted Sofa Sleeper is available through DHP Dorel Home Products, which is a company well known for their exceptional, beautiful, well made, and high quality furniture.

Shipping was very fast. The sofa was shipped to me via UPS and it arrived to my home in perfect condition in one day! I had never before experienced such quick delivery of furniture. I live on the second floor, so the delivery driver left the sofa outside next to a downstairs unit, which was a little inconvenient, because the sofa was heavy and came in a large box. So, I had to call the delivery service and request the driver to come back to my home and bring the sofa upstairs. I needed two people to carry it up the stairs and my daughter and I slid the box through the back door and into our home.

A lot of room was needed to assemble and set the sofa up, so I suggest that you make ample room to remove the sofa from its box and to put all the included tools and pieces down where you can easily pick them up to assemble the sofa. Also, the two arms, instructions, and four legs come zipped inside a compartment located in the back of the sofa. I love the beautiful blue velour fabric, because it looks and feels very rich and plush. The sofa comes with an instructional manual and all of the hardware that you need to put it together. My daughter helped me by assembling the sofa, but attaching the arms to the body of the sofa was a little difficult, because some of the screws were not fitting into certain holes the right way. I had to partially stand on one side of each arm and apply pressure while my daughter tightened the screws and bolts onto the base. It took a little while, but the sofa was finally assembled and looks great in our living room.
I love the vintage look of the Novogratz Sofa as well as the firm and supportive feel. When converted into a sleeper, it is very spacious and can accommodate two adults or three children comfortably.  If you want more cushioning, I suggest adding a mattress pad, but it is not really necessary.

The sofa does not have a high back, as a futon does, but I like that feature and also it is supportive, which helps improve posture. I added some accent pillows, to add a personal touch and enhance the appearance, but the sofa does not need any pillows.  I also like the sturdy wooden Victorian style legs, which look elegant and vintage.

This sofa is a full size and measures 81.5" wide, 33.5" high, and comes with a full warranty.

The Novagratz Vintage Tuffed Sofa Sleeper comes in other colors, such as pink, taupe, green, grey, and burgundy, but I like the blue velour, because it is versatile and fits well with my decor. I am very pleased with this sofa sleeper from Novagratz. It is beautiful, elegant, stylish, comfortable, and is affordable, priced around $372.94. It is the perfect addition to my home.

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