Lasko Tower and Ceramic Designer Heaters with Remote

by Philippa Lane


I live in an area where the weather can change suddenly, being hot one day and then cold the next. It can also get cold at night and sometimes during the day, depending on what time of the year it is. In the past, I used electrical portable heaters, but they were either too small, did not release adequate heat into a room, or just did not warm up a small room long enough.  After years of using inferior and ineffective heating devices, I received two Lasko Heaters as gifts and, in my opinion, they are the best space and room heaters available.

Today I want to share with you two of my favorite Lasko Heaters:


Lasko Heater CeramicTower:  This heater looks just like a miniature tower with an attractive black and chrome like finish. It comes with a lightweight remote that makes the heater easy to turn on/off, select the time/hour, and adjust heat settings.  There is a grip handle on the top/back area of the heater, to easily move the heater from room to room, but I found that when I pick it up for transport, I need to use two hands, one on the handle and the other on the body of the heater. I have used this heater with and without the remote and it works very well, but not great. Why? Because, unless I am sitting close to the heater, I cannot feel a lot of heat and it does not seem to warm up a medium sized space, such as my living room as much as the other Lasko Heater I have.  It is quiet and not noisy like other portable heaters I have used and it has an oscillate feature that makes the heater rotate to distribute the heat evenly. While the heater is oscillating, it does seem to distribute ample heat around the room, but on a really cold day or night, I need to use it in conjunction with my gas wall heater in the living room if I want to get warm, along with wearing warm clothes and a drinking hot tea.

It uses a lot of power-1500 watts, so I have to make sure that I do not plug the heater into a standard wall socket that shares any other appliances on the same circuit to avoid an outage. I suggest using caution when plugging the heater into a standard wall outlet, because there might be a power outage if the heater is using the same outlet as another appliance.

Important features:                    
  • Quiet
  • Oscillation
  • Thermostat Adjustable
  • 2 Settings High and Low
  • Completely Assembled
  • 8.25”L x 8.25” W X 16.05 “H
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Listed E.T.L. 
  • Timer Can be Set for 7 hours
  • Safety Features Built In
  • Remote Control

The temperature and timer are located on the top of the heater, but I think that it would be easier to see the digital screen if it were located on the front of the heater. All in all, the Lasko Ceramic Tower Heater is good choice for heating small rooms and spaces. Price $49.85

Lasko Designer SeriesHeater with Remote: This is a fantastic electric heater that is stylish, looks great in any room, matches my décor, and heats up any room quickly, efficiently, and effectively. I can set the timer to one hour or it can just stay on indefinitely without the timer being used and then it can be turned off with the remote or manually by hand. I usually put this heater in my bedroom and set it for one hour and while I sleep, it shuts off automatically within an hour. There are times when I wake up to the room being cold again, but then I just set the timer for another hour with the remote and go back to sleep. I really like that I can set the timer for how many hours that I want the heater to stay on.

This heater is a Designer Series model and does not look like a regular standard electric space heater, instead it resembles a ceramic pot or a sleek piece of furniture. It is an attractive beige color and looks nice in any room because of the neutral color. The shape of the heater is more like a classic planter, but without a plant.  Because of the unique design, the heater does not have a handle, so when I need to move it to another room, I have to pick up the heater with both hands and carry it like I would carry a ceramic pot, but it is not heavy at all, making transporting from room to room easy.  

It has a special oscillate button that when pushed, causes the heater to gently turn from side to side, distributing the heat evenly throughout a room. When not in oscillation mode, the heater remains still facing and directing high or low heat one way.

Important features:

  • 1500 Watts of Warming Comfort
  • Safety Features Built In
  • Oscillation Rotation
  • Thermostat Adjustable
  • High and Low Heat
  • Timer Can Be Set for 7 Hours
  • Touch Control Operation
  • Blends Beautifully with Décor
  • Remote Control
  • 3 Year Warranty

Even if I leave a window open to get fresh air, the room still stays warm when the heater is being used and long after it is turned on.

I have used other electric heaters, but I like this one the most, because it works great, is easy to turn on/off, heats any room quickly, is affordable, and has a beautiful appearance without looking like a “space robot" as most small heaters do. If I could give this heater a star rating from 1 to 10, it would definitely be a 10. Price:$95.88

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