GE Incandescent Opaque Soft Pink 60 Watt Light Bulbs (Review)


by Philippa Lane

I was given two GE Soft Pink Light Bulbs as a gift and I would like to share with you what I think about the bulbs. I usually use energy saving lighting products around my home, so I was very excited to try these new soft pink incandescent light bulbs by GE, especially after reading so many positive reviews online.

GE is a wonderful company that produces a wide variety of appliances and high quality lighting products, but their pink incandescent opaque light bulbs are quite exceptional and are an incredible value.

I placed one of the light bulbs in a corner lamp stand, turned the light switch on, and was pleasantly surprised with the soft glow that lit up the entire room. The light that shone from the pink bulb was very soothing and gave a comforting effect that I have not experienced with standard white bulbs.

The pink bulbs do not give off any glare, but emanate just the right amount of light, giving any room a warm, yet soft glow that is not overly bright or harsh.

The pink bulbs last for 1000 hours and are about $2.70 each, so a 2-pack is $5.40.

Soft incandescent light
Soothing with no glare
Makes you and everything in the room look good

Not energy saving
Costs more than regular light bulbs
4 star rating... not energy sufficient

You can find GE Incandescent Opaque Soft Pink 60 Watt Light Bulbs at

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