Mrs. Prindable’s Premium Holiday Basket (Review)

by Philippa Lane

I never was fond of candied apples growing up and was used to eating plain ones without anything being added to them, but after receiving a Mrs. Prindable's Premium Holiday Basket as a gift, I have completely changed my mind about candied apples. 

Mrs. Prindable's is a company that specializes in making gourmet caramel apples. Now, these apples are not like any others that I have ever seen before, in fact, the jumbo apples are as big as a small pumpkin and can feed more than four people.  The caramel that the apples are covered in is delicious, rich, and thick, because it is made with pure cane sugar, cream, butter, and real vanilla. To top it off, the caramel layer is covered with chocolates, candies, and/or nuts. These covered apples are so unique and there are none like them in grocery stores with such a fresh, juicy taste and tart finish.

Christmas is right around the corner and the Premium Holiday Basket is perfect for a party table arrangement, special occasions, as a gift for someone you love, or when you just want to entertain some guests in your home. The basket contains a wide assortments delicious treats such as two large jumbo apples, holiday pretzels, four chocolate covered caramels, a milk chocolate nut cluster, two petite size apples, pretzel bites, milk chocolate toffee, an assorted gift bag of exotic flavored caramels, and a beautiful basket to hold all of these gourmet goodies in.

I took some pictures of the holiday basket so that you can see how lovely this basket is and how the jumbo apples look like a work of art, perfect for display at a holiday party. The apples looked so pretty that I almost did not want to eat them, but eventually I gave in, took a knife, and cut a slice of one of the apples. Just one slice was quite filling and had a great flavor that combined the caramel, chocolate, and fruit.  Because the jumbo apple was so big, I shared it with my daughter, and could not eat or finish it by myself. I found that the apples are very sweet and the caramel coating is thick, yet soft enough to chew without straining. The apples covered with caramel, chocolate, and nuts are my favorite, because they are easier to slice, chew, and the nuts are soft with a delicate flavor that pairs well with the milk chocolate. By far, Mrs. Prindable's Gourmet Apples are the richest and most delicious covered apples that I have ever tasted and I enjoyed it tremendously.

All of the other treats in the premium basket tasted wonderful with a similar flavor and include Mrs. Prindable’s signature caramel.

Mrs. Prindable’s uses a very special intricate process in making their gourmet apples and other confectionary products. They are all handmade with high quality ingredients, love, and great care with the customer in mind. Pleasing the customer is very important to the company and has been for more than 25 years.

I know that the gourmet caramel apples are available and sold separately, but they look great in a basket, especially during the holidays. 

I do not know where the company found such large, sweet apples, but do wish I could find them in my local grocery store, but since I can’t, I will just have to get them from Mrs. Prindable’s.

A lovely bow is tied around each apple stick and wrapped in a clear plastic wrapper, which make them perfect for giving as gifts.

In summary, I found that the premium holiday basket is well worth its price; it is big, colorful, and full of beauty, with a variety of tasty confections, and all the products inside the basket are absolutely delicious!

You can find the Mrs. Prindable's Premium Holiday Gift Basket at for $89.95.

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