BioBidet Elite 3 with Extended Nozzle and BioBidet TP-70 Travel Bidet (Review)

by Philippa Lane

I am so excited to share with you a special and unique way to thoroughly clean ones posterior with water and it is with two amazing products-the BioBidet Elite 3 and the BioBidet TP-70 Travel Bidet.
I would like to begin by saying that I previously never used any type of bidet to clean myself after going to the “potty” and have always used regular toilet tissue, which never really got me thoroughly clean, if you know what I mean.

The BioBidet Company specializes in making bidets. A bidet (bee-dáy) is a personal cleansing method that cleanses the posterior with streams of water, which is more hygienic and beneficial than toilet paper.  It was first used by the French royalty in the 15th century.  Their products are designed to be installed onto a standard toilet using a few tools and they also make travel style bidets for on the go use.

When my Bio Bidet Elite 3 arrived in the mail, I was so excited to use it. The Elite 3 comes in a white color and attaches to most standard toilets. When it is attached to the toilet, it works with the water system to strategically spray water in gentle streams to clean your private parts. The Bio Bidet is non-electrical and functions manually. My daughter thought that I would need to call a maintenance worker to install it, but as I looked at the box and read the instructions that came with the Bio Bidet Elite 3, I told her that this is supposed to be simple and not difficult to install. So, after praying, following the directions, and with my daughter’s help, I was able to install the Elite 3 very quickly and easily.  I have a small bathroom and my toilet sits between a sink and a wall where the bidet fits perfectly.

I wanted my daughter to try it first and her surprised reaction and face when she first used it was so funny, she made me laugh, but she definitely liked how the bidet worked. I reacted the same way when I first used the bidet, because it was a new experience for me.  I am so impressed with this Bio Bidet Elite 3 and wish I would have gotten one a long time ago.

The Bio Bidet Elite 3 comes with a dual nozzle for fresh water spraying. You cannot use hot or warm water with it, but that is fine with me. After using it for a while, I have adjusted to the cool water temperature. The toilet seat attachment that it comes with is non-mechanical and has a special spray feature that is used for both feminine and posterior wash. One adjustable knob directs the water to the area of the body that you want the water to go and the other adjustable knob sets the water pressure. 
 It is so easy to use and operate. There is also a self cleaning mode setting, which means the bidet can clean itself and a pressure control knob can set the water pressure.

I feel so much cleaner after using the Bio Bidet Elite 3. I still use a little toilet tissue after I use the bidet just to dry a little of the extra water off of me, but I feel that it helps me save money on buying toilet tissue, because I do not need to use that much of it anymore.

Here are some important features of the Bio Bidet Elite 3:

·         Easy to install
·         Adjustable attachment to fit toilet
·         Nozzle distributes a fresh water spray
·         Self cleaning nozzle
·         Design valve made of brass, braided metal water hose, certified check valve
·         1 year warranty on parts and labor

I would also like to mention that when the water shoots out from the bidet, it goes exactly where it is directed to go, which means no water mess all over your toilet or bathroom.

I love the BioBidet Elite 3 and highly recommend it to everyone who is looking for a high quality bidet that is easy to install and use.  It works great! Price: $59.00

Even though I really like my BioBidet Elite 3, I cannot easily take it with me when I am on the go or if I travel somewhere, so during those times, I can use the portable BioBidet TP-70, which is great to use for traveling, camping, or when using a public restroom.  It comes in a beautiful purple squeezable bottle with a full size reservoir that is 375ml. It can be filled with warm or cold water and comes with a air lock for a steady spray. The bottle is easy to handle and does not feel heavy with or without water in it.  The TP-70 comes with an angled spray nozzle that has many holes for even water distribution. I like the added length in the spray nozzle so that you really can target the areas that need to be cleaned much easier.  It also comes with a carrying case, so that it is easy to transport and helps keep the bidet clean and protected.  I have only used it with warm water and it leaves me clean and refreshed. Price:$9.50

You can find out more about the BioBidet Elite3 and the BioBidet TP-70 by going to 

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