Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet 7” HD (Review)

by Philippa Lane                                                                

 Amazon Kindle Fire HD

The Amazon Kindle Fire HD is a sleek, lightweight Android tablet with advanced technology, a super fast processor, and great features that make it one of the best tablets available today.

Prior to receiving a brand new Kindle Fire HD, I had never had a tablet before and was so excited to finally have one. Being an avid reader, who has always loved to read books, the Kindle has given me the ability to read a variety of books and at first I thought this tablet was made to just do that, but I discovered that the Kindle Fire does a lot more and does so much more than I expected.

I am writing this review after using my Kindle Fire HD for almost a year. I wanted to see how well it would work and perform over a long period of time, and it has exceeded my expectations. I am happy to report that the device is still working just as great as when I first received it.

The Kindle Fire Tablet 7” HD has a very quick processor, which makes browsing the internet and checking emails easy and nearly effortless. The web browser is fast with a simple interface and has a nifty reading view that clears the pages of unnecessary clutter, so cleaner versions of an article can be read. Also, if you have a Yahoo!, AOL, Outlook, or Gmail email account, you can enter your username and password into the email application on the Kindle Fire for better access to emails. Social sites, such as Facebook and Twitter are included, so sharing pictures and making posts are a simple process.

The device has also been designed to be lightweight for portability and ease of use, weighing only about 12.2 ounces. The HD Display is simply beautiful; the colors are so vivid and clear, making images appear spectacular. That is because the 1280 x 800 LCD high definition display has one million pixels.

On a full charge, the Kindle will stay on for up to 10 hours, which is a lot of time for surfing the internet, reading, playing games, listening to music, or watching videos. The sound is superb when listening to music or watching videos, because the Kindle utilizes the power of Dolby Digital Plus and the sound is just as good when using ear phones.

Amazon has fitted the Kindle Fire HD with a new version of Fire OS, which is founded on Android Jelly Bean and this addition has made the device easy to use. Also, the home screen is scrollable with recently accessed content visible on a carousel and when you swipe upwards; all installed apps can be seen. At the top of the display screen are links to different types of content. The Cloud view displays downloaded or purchased content, while the Device view, displays content that is stored on the device. With one tap, anything downloaded in Cloud, will be available for use on the device.

The Kindle is great for kids too with a new “FreeTime” mode, which allows you to make separate user profiles and set limits for reading, playing games, and other activities. You can choose which content and apps are available for each profile and customize the wallpaper. The text and icons are large, which help children as well as adults, navigate easier. There is a special subscription available that allows children to access various movies, books, educational apps, and much more for a low price.

I recommend getting an Amazon Kindle Cover to help protect the device. The covers by Amazon are sturdy and protect the Kindle from falls, bumps, and the unique design makes it possible for the Kindle to be in an upright position for reading your favorite book, playing games, or watching your favorite videos.

Apps load quickly on the Kindle Fire HD and there are so many apps to choose from the Amazon app store, many of which are free. I have been able to download a variety of interesting, helping apps for free as well as ones that cost between $.99 cents and $4.99. I usually enjoy downloading the educational apps. I love to read the Bible and was excited to download a free Bible app from the Amazon App Store.  For taking notes, especially on the go, the Notebook App is very helpful for keeping track of important dates, activities, and events.

Really, the Kindle Fire HD does so much and offers more than its competitors. With the Kindle Fire, I can compose and send emails, write articles, buy and sell products, read books, transfer files from my home computer, transfer/view pictures, upload and watch videos, browse the internet, and play games.

I think that the Kindle Fire HD is a great device to take on trips, by land, sea, or plane. It is easy to use, portable, beneficial, and fits nicely in a carry-on bag, purse, or suitcase and is priced at only $139.00.

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